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Name: Ling Yao

Birthday: ???
Age: 15! ...May be 15 for a long time.
Height: See icon!
Weight: ~140 lbs?
Eyes: EVIL and he's very self-conscious about it :( Purple with vertical pupils.
Hair: black, which he keeps in a ponytail.
Medical Info: If you cut anything off it will grow back, and his body can also harden into the "ultimate shield" which is super-condensed carbon (theoretically Ling can do this; we haven't seen him fight with Greed's specific abilities, but he hasn't needed them either, so). Also he burns calories like a motherfucker.

Physical Traits: He looks much older than his age (the group assumes he's an adult), and has a universally accepted "nice body," homunculus approved. He has SQUINTY EYES and smiles all the time, because when he opens them he looks evil. No lie. (It's true.) Thanks to Greed, he now wears all-black - all icons with his old flame pattern shirt (which was destroyed anyway) are INCORRECT. If he's ever in control for an extended amount of time he probably undoes his jacket, and holds himself more casually/loosely. He is also flouncy.

What's Okay to Mention Around Him/Her: ANYTHING, he's an FMA character he can take it.

Abilities: First of all, Ling is a ninja! He's fast, powerful, fantastic with a sword, uses grenades of all kinds (normal, flash, smoke, etc), and senses auras. He's a great fighter thanks to personally thwarting assassination attempts on his life since he was little. Second of all, Ling is a homunculus, and has all of Greed's abilities! 8D He could get his head completely taken off and would regenerate quickly and messily. It takes hundreds of years, a shounen series' worth of deaths, and Roy Mustang's stamina to wear out a Stone, so he's effectively immortal. Greed's ability is the ultimate shield - he basically "hardens" his body into a black shield that can block anything, the only way around it being deconstruction at its molecular level. He can encase any part of his body in this, and he can do it in a blink. See linginmyskin's sexy, sexy icons for that.

Notes for the Psychics/Sensors!!: I am going to amend this to include anyone who senses shounen auras, humans, life force, mojo/karma, anything like that. First of all, there are tens of thousands of people in Ling's body. He is a soulball. A soul katamari, if you will. Only instead of turning into star, it gets turned into a philosopher's stone. People who sense things DON'T LIKE THE FEELING THEY GET from homunculus. It is a dirty terrible feeling of "oh fuck I think there's a civilization's worth of souls ripped from their minds and bodies in there." None of these souls have any consciousness, they've turned into energy. If you can't sense souls so much as energy, there is a deus ex machina amount of energy inside Ling's body.

However! On top of all of these souls! There are two very distinct, stable, 100% all there mind-body-soul people! But only one body. These are the only two psychics can ping on since there are no other minds. You could chat it up with either of them. They are both very very VERY greedy and determined to get what they want. Ling himself also wants a lot of food. Ah, and his mind is full of wanting to save his people and becoming the next emperor of Xing, and using everything he's got to bring prosperity to the country. He is an EXCELLENT CARING LEADER who loves his people, and he will be a true emperor. :|

Can I shapeshift/bodyswap/slap/spit on?: Everything's fine but the bodyswap which requires talking! But you can always hurt him and step on him etc. it's what Ed and Winry do all the time.

Maim/Murder/Death: All good. Ling won't die, he grows back. o/ Ling's harder to catch than Greed.

Kissing/Hugging: Go for it o/

Cooking: Can in fact cook hella Eastern style.


Character Name: Ling Yao
Series: Fullmetal Alchemist (manga)
Character Age: 15

Canon: The dying emperor of Xing is searching for immortality, and his 24 sons and 19 daughters are clamoring to win his favor. Ling Yao is his 12th son, and he's one hell of a success story. He packs his two toughest ninja servants and heads for the neighboring country of Amestris, seeking the Philosopher's Stone. That's ALL he packs, and he's less a prince and more a hobo dying in the streets when he meets the Elric brothers. Picking up on Ed and Al's similar quest, Ling sticks to them like cheap, hungry, freeloader ninja glue, hitting on Ed's mechanic - or Ed's mechanic's huge gay mentor - along the way. Headstrong, pushy, clever, and all squinty-eyed smiles ALL the time (he looks evil when he opens his eyes), Ling would be too obnoxious to bear if he wasn't such a badass. Ling has the ability to sense their enemies, the Homunculus: regenerating monsters fashioned after the Seven Sins, who have Philosopher's Stones as hearts which creep out anyone with a sixth sense. He is also a devoted leader who will do anything - anything - to achieve his goal for his people, from Exploiting The Ninja to bowing his head.

So when the Homunculus capture him, pin him to the ground, and force the Philosopher's Stone into his body, well... Ling takes it with a grin, and gives his body to Greed. Now two souls in one body, Ling and Greed understand each other in their mutual desire for Stuff. Ling is still himself when he's got control, and he's a buttinski backseat driver when he's not in charge. Though eager to take back his body, he's fine with sitting back and urging Greed to face up to his more humane side. It's his fault Greed split off from the bad guys, and he encouraged him to team up with (read: own) Ed and his subordinates. And if Greed gets
too out of line, well, Ling won't hesitate to headbutt him soul-to-soul and drive for a while. If only he could avoid fainting from hunger afterwards.

Sample Post:

Aaah~ Thanks for the food! I feel alive again! To be saved by strangers in this strange land... I'm so thankful! I'm really moved to tears! Are you the shining furry faces of my saviors? The gorillas in this country are so nice! The people of the Yao clan are grateful to you. My name is Ling Yao, a homunculus on the run!

Ah, you don't have to be nervous! I'm a human, a human. You see, I woke up in this strange place. I'm sure we weren't here when I took over. What did he get me into now? This is definitely a place for his type of outcasts - maybe he can make some friends here. After all, with such kind toucans in this country of Louisiana dropping in, it would be hard not to!

But after wandering aimlessly for so long, with so many people missing ears to lend me, I couldn't go on any longer and fainted. Aaah, all hope was lost until you came. And I heard your leader is a beautiful director? What cruel fate! With the success of finding the Philosopher's Stone, finding a wife as well would be perfect, and she could be whisked away to become the princess of a nation! But not only is her heart already taken by a handsome suitor, half her people are falling apart. The people are the foundation of the land, but making them the foundation of cabins, fertilizer and meals. . . Alas, we're too star-crossed to be.

But maybe you can help me! I'm looking for some lost possessions, two huge guys about your size - but not as beautiful as you, I promise! - and a bean-sized one. You'd think those fellas would be hard to lose! I even tried calling out for the bean loud and clear, but no furious little form was to be found on the horizon. My friend is lonely without them. I know, I offered to take over and fill that emptiness in his soul with everything waiting for me back in my country, but he's pretty stubborn.

You say you could fill his emptiness? Ha ha, sure! He'll be glad to -- Not eager for control for once? Ara, but I already gave my body away to such a forceful guy! I don't think I'm ready to take another!

Eh? Oh, now you want me to replenish your emergency food supplies for Tuesday? HA HA HA, don't mind such a small thing! We're still friends, aren't we? Hunger is the best seasoning after all, I'm sure you can stomach it! Well, if you really have to, put it on the metal-made bean's tab. He's mine by association after all!

((Voting was here, 53-3!))

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